Saturday, September 29, 2007

I have been tagged by This is new to me so I hope I'm playing by the rules properly

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8 random getglassy facts

1 - I grew up in Niagara Falls and really miss it sometimes. I use to ride my bike through the park as a teenager and it was the 'hangout' place in the summer.

2 - I have an amazing husband, he's my best friend.

3 - I have 2 great kids even if they are adults now. My son is 27 and daughter 24 and amazing since I'm only 29 ;) I'm waiting to be a grandma but no one is cooperating!

4- My favorite color is purple and cobalt blue.

5- I LOVE snorkeling and I'm on my way to the Caribbean next week to indulge!

6 - I love cats and have two of them. They wish they could go snorkeling with me. I have never seen cats who love water as much as they do. Their favorite hang out is the bathroom sink and will stay there even when you turn the water on.

7 - Favorite food has to be pizza and wings - I am from the Buffalo area after-all.

8 - My retirement plan - the 4 B's - Beach, Bar, Boat, Bahamas

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