Monday, March 2, 2009

Ice Cubes

In honor of today's snow storm (ugh) I'm introducing my new Ice Cube series.
Clear dichroic on white. The dichroic change from blues, yellow, green and pinks with silver stripes for texture.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Testing firing thin fire in glass

originally uploaded by getglassy.
I put thin fire between color glass and capped with clear. I put chads under the clear to vent.
As you can see in the yellow one the chads left their mark.

In the top 3 I cut shapes, triangles, square and an arrow. They didn't hold their shape.
In the bottom 2 I used glassline paint on the thin fire. It didn't hold the shape that well either but where the paint was it didn't crinkle up too much. They were all fused at full fuse.
In the blue one the thin fire popped through the clear cap.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Store GetGlassySupplies

Last summer, just before the accident with my computer chair, I was lucky to run across a deal of a lifetime. A friend of a friend of a friend - let me know about a bent-lamp business that hadn't been active since the 80's. They had a warehouse full of glass and lamp parts and most important a BIG kiln.

Besides my new big boy kiln I was able to pick up boxes and boxes of brass stampings, bevels and stained glass.

The most exciting find in the boxes were Murano Glass bead fringe from the 70's & 80's.
Take a look at

Monday, January 26, 2009

My poor pathetic blog. So neglected.

After a forced slow down in my online activities and, well all my activities I think I'm finally getting back to normal. Late August I had a freaky accident with a computer chair.

I was sitting talking to my daughter late one evening with my feet up on my desk when things started slipping... backwards! I reached up to grab the bookcase as I was falling when I heard a POP. Emergency room visit and x-rays showed nothing so off to have a MRI. There it was - my distal bicep tendon completely ruptured.

Surgery to repair by putting pins in the bone to tie the tendon to again soon followed (no more MIR's for me). 8 weeks in a splint not moving my arm or hand. Followed by 3 MONTHS of physical therapy to get my elbow straight again. But the worse part was the 8 weeks of not moving my hand or wrist caused swelling and then that turned fibrous.

Its been a struggle to get my hand and wrist moving again. Every morning I have to go through a set of hand exercises along with warming to be able to grasp my coffee cup. The jury is still out to see if it will come back to normal.

So when you hear someone say "Don't lean back in your chair, you're going to fall"

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