Thursday, October 25, 2007

Creative Glass Guild of Etsy

Find Ms Candy Corny! She's hiding in the CGGE members stores on Etsy.
She's tricky, she hides in some strange and interesting places, you need to hunt high and low for her!

But your treat is a chance to win one of these 3 great prizes!

Visit participating members stores and look through the photos to find Ms Candy Corny (avatars don't count). Jot down where you find her and send the list to Creationsinglass. If there is a tie the winners will be picked at random to receive one of the above prizes - one of them I made!
Most members are also having a sale to go alone with the contest. Take a look and save some $$. The holidays are coming fast so start shopping early!

OH and I almost forgot - I'm offering 20% off anything in my shop!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Server problems

Here we are into day 2 of our server problems. We have a co-located server in a Chicago data-center. This data center is one of the big guys at least we thought. They are suppose to have redundancies up the ying yang but apparently they forgot one! All the information I have is they were waiting for a part to be delivered from Cisco.
We found out from our service agreement that we get refunded a whole $25 a day... woo hooo.. not much consolation for our 100 plus sites running on our server. Guess we need to share the wealth.. each one will get $.25 per day of the outage. That'll keep my customers happy... oh yeah.
I understand break downs, I understand equipment failure, but I don't understand how a company as big as they are with today's technology didn't have a backup plan better than this.

Lets just hope the day gets better.

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