Thursday, May 10, 2007

My desire for a blog has come from etsy. What is etsy you say? It’s a great site for selling handmade items and as easy for sellers as it is buyers. I found etsy and quickly set up my own store without much guidence. I did venture into a few forums there and have been totally hooked on being a lurker. So back to what gave me the push to set up this blog, the sometimes desperate need of the sellers to try to get noticed on etsy. There are a lot of people there with great ideas and a nack for marketing themselves but most don’t seem to have much of a clue. The desperate cries of “buy my stuff” gets a little, no make that A LOT annoying. I have been in marketing and advertising for years with a special focus on online advertising. I have semi-retired which leaves me the time to offer up advise on how to market and advertise your business online.

I also have been a crafter/artist for a very long time so in etsy terms I plan on a bit of PIF (Pay it Forward) in areas I think I can offer free advice and patterns. Check back often for updates in all these area and don’t hesitate to send me comments or questions.

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