Sunday, January 29, 2012

Knitting in the off time

I love working with glass but its not what I call a portable craft. In the evenings or just about any time I need to relax I pick up my knitting or crocheting. It so easy to take with you while waiting at the train station or a doctor's office.

This blanket I started a week ago for a sweet guy who is having his first baby. Its a boy but since he is due in the spring I wanted something bright and cheerful. I found this pattern at

I actually did a test swatch for gauge this time and adjusted my pattern for it. I'm so bad about that with blankets but after last spring making the never ending blanket for my grandson I figured it was time to give in.
I love knitting for babies. I don't get bored before its finished.

Now I'm ready to start the booties that will go with it.

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