Monday, July 28, 2008

Glass Anarchy

Glass Anarchy is just that....a group of glass artists who live outside the box and are a bit independent. :)Each artist has their own unique style and love of glass. Some make fused pieces, others make beads and stained glass.

The group decided on the theme of a Garden to showcase the art from the group. Many are having some kind of special, so in order to find out if they are having a promotion or not, check out each shop.
Just to show the site and the different styles, go see...

Shop their stores on Etsy!

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Periwinkle Studio said...

Patti, beautiful post and awesome group of people in GA!

Guess what? Ready? :)
I am tagging you! Here is the question for you to respond if you want to do this and pass on.

“Four things you should know about me before you invite me to your house.”

It will be great getting to know more about you! :)

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